Dr, William J Miller
Founder and Principal

Dr. William J. Miller, President and Senior Aquatic Ecologist of Miller Ecological Consultants, Inc., has over 40 years of experience in instream flow assessments with extensive experience in the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM). He is a former member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Instream Flow Group and has conducted IFIM studies and taught courses on IFIM.

Miller Ecological Mission &
Company Biography

At MEC, it is important that we maintain and cultivate exceptional relationships with all clients, large and small.  We provide personalized, scientifically rigorous products to our clients and strive to develop relationships that provide a continuity to solving natural resource issues over the long term. We maintain professional relationships with federal, state, and Tribal agencies for collaborative, science based solutions for the client and natural resource agencies.

We have extensive experience throughout the western United States in all types of freshwater aquatic habitats and have conducted studies for both public and private sector entities.  Miller Ecological Consultants, Inc. (MEC) is an ecological consulting firm specializing in fishery, aquatic, instream flow, and ecological modeling studies.  As needed, MEC can provide expert testimony for litigation cases related to aquatic issues.  We maintain positions on several endangered species recovery teams and committees.

Miller Ecological Consultants, Inc. is capable of conducting all aspects of fishery and aquatic studies and has the capability to conduct studies throughout the world in all types of freshwater locations.  Our experience includes cold-water, warm-water, anadromous and catadromous species.

We provide full service consulting in the following areas:  aquatic ecosystem assessments, macroinvertebrates, fisheries, threatened and endangered species, instream flow analysis (1-D and 2-D), stream water temperature modeling, ecological modeling and biomonitoring. We maintain state-of-the-art computer hardware and software to aid in data analysis and report production for each project. We have developed unique software for innovative solutions to complex problems.

As a small firm we offer very competitive rates and personalized service for all aspects of a project.  We are capable of completing most projects using in-house personnel and resources.  For larger projects, we can assemble a collaborative interdisciplinary study team of competent professionals in a variety of environmental fields to meet the needs of most situations.